Welcome to KIDDY Campus

Where learning is fun! Established in 1990, we aim to engage your child in a multi-lingual environment and advocate parent-teacher partnership for your child’s holistic development.

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“Play is the highest form of research.”

- Albert Einstein


To nurture independent and creative individuals.


To provide learning opportunities with a progressive integrated curriculum in a fun and experiential environment.



At KIDDY Campus, we practice caring and sharing to cultivate positive relationships.


At KIDDY Campus, we treat each individual with respect and encourage children to respect one another.


At KIDDY Campus, we ensure teachers role model behaviours that encourage children to do what is right.


At KIDDY Campus, we aim to cultivate kindness and truthfulness in teachers to help children express their true inner feelings.

Why Us

Because at KIDDY Campus, learning is fun.

Because at KIDDY Campus, children’s well being comes first.

Because at KIDDY Campus, children are free to explore.